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Here are a few answers to some remarks we have heard.

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How can you want to identify yourselves to a Bronze-Age people at the dawn of the 21st century? You are regressing.

The objective is not to re-build the culture of Bronze-Age Formoris but to build a culture inspired by their myth and their values. We are modern people but we admit to be romantic and idealists. We refuse to reject some values of the past as a whole when we think they are lacking in today's world. However, we are not complaining about some other of the values from the past which we consider mankind was wise to forget! The errors, the abominations and the threats the media are showing us on a daily basis are preaching with us for a more "sensitive" vision of the world.

You are a sect and you are trying to indoctrinate defenseless young peoples.

We are no pleading for any religion. Those who join us can leave whenever they want (we are not allowed to revoke them without their consent) and most of all we are not asking for any financial contribution. We are not asking to adhere to any sacred text either but simply to participate to the fostering of a work of arts.

We consider the freedom to think as one of the fundamental rights of any sentient being and we will always fight against those who try to turn humans moronic, be it with scientology, drugs, television or soccer.

You are Satanists and you want to wake up Celtic demons.

Believe it or not, Thuata propaganda is still very active after more than 2,000 years! Again, we must remind you that the Formoris were not more demons than the Apaches, the Sioux or the Iroquois. Like them, their main fault was to have been defeated by those who wrote the official history. Unfortunately, the Formoris disappeared before they could speak their case to mankind. We'd simply like to compensate for this injustice.

Moreover, has we indicated above, we oppose any kind of "religious" movement of the sectarian kind, all the more if they are praising the Evil. The Formoris are above all looking for Harmony.

You've read too much Heroic Fantasy and you play Conan.

In some way you're right, we have read and suffered too much second-rate Heroic Fantasy with body-builded brainless heroes and not enough marvelous and inspiring novels such as Jack Vance's "Lyonesse" trilogy or Poul Anderson's "Three Heart, Three Lions" and "The Mermaid Children."

Moreover, we are not playing the Formoris, at least no more than other adults play Politics, War or being a Yuppie.

Celtic legends are an inspiration for Fascists.

This is unfortunately true. Many narrow-minded people see them only as a collection of blood baths and a praise for violence and brutal strength. They are missing the meaning of many tales like the "Fate of the Children of Lir" or those magnificent Britonnic gnomic poems which were contemporary of the slaughter of this people by Anglo-Saxon invaders. Is it only by chance that Celtic tales were also at the origin of the courteous literature?

Our approach is the opposite of that of the Fascists as we consider the myths the victims perspective and we denounce the praise for violence.

You are revisionists.

Considering that we would like people to revise their perception of the Formoris, yes we are. But we have a lot more factual arguments than those vile neo-fascist bastards (this is a pleonasm) who would like to make us believe that the gas chambers never existed and that Auschwitz was aholiday camp.

We are for the recognition of all great tragedies of History. The Jews suffered a genocide, as did the Roms, the Armenians and the Amerindians, or even before them, the Celts of Great-Britain during the Anglo-Saxon invasions. Hitler, Stalin and Mao are competing for the title of "Greatest Butcher of All Times" but they are only the logical achievement of generations of ambitious and unscrupulous chiefs, kings, emperors, presidents and generals, who cemented their power with blood. Without mentioning more recent names, for how long will we still honor in our history books the names of men as cruel as Richard Lionheart, Charlemagne or Clovis  ?

By praising difference you are acting against integration. You encourage racism, intolerance and segregation.

Very often, what is called integration is pure assimilation, which means the denial of differences, and is a very pervert form of intolerance which is the root cause for most of the social unrest in Europe. To assimilate heterogeneous populations, they are required to get rid of their cultural specificity... but in the end they will still be denied their actual integration. This result in youngsters, both cut off from their roots and rejected by their so-called "land of welcome", who have lost all references and scale of values.

There is no tolerance without acceptance of cultural differences. We are thus asking for their recognition and fighting against discrimination.

The Regionalists are backward-looking. They'll have to disappear as comes the era of globalization.

All the centralizing Jacobins are only thinking in terms of power, neither of freedom. The so-called "cultural integration" is making mankind poorer and leads it to a single way of thinking, without nuance nor alternative. It tends to eliminate non-conform, "useless" thoughts, as efficiently as the "Newspeak" was supposed to do in George Orwell's 1984; A language with no word for "Freedom" so that no one could even thought about it. We prefer the richness of the mind to the dryness of the game of power and money.

The tools of globalization are not the monopoly of the sole financial world .More than ever before, they allow ideas and knowledge to be made available to many. They are a tremendous opportunity for moribund cultures to survive and grow again and for diasporas to keep in touch and continue making their ideals live.

Ideals are not made to become real. You start claiming your identity and you end up laying bombs. You encourage terrorism and secessionists.

We oppose all kinds of violence. We believe no one can fight for a good cause with wrong means. We wish everybody could live together, without prejudice and in the respect of identities. We favor talks and compromises to conflicts. To the power of the strongest, we oppose that of the wisest.

Aren't you too old to waste your time in such a silly stuff?

Alphonse Allais used to say that "Man is a child who plays the adult in the median part of his life." Please take a deep breath, step back and look around you, then look at yourself in the mirror. Do you think your age justifies that you consider yourself so seriously?

All this is pure nonsense!

Not more than believing that wearing a tie and a suit makes a man more respectable, or than thinking that holding a gun makes stronger... or than hoping that a politician cares more about the voters than about itself.

Everyone has its references and social conventions. We would like to adapt ours to our ideals and not to a conventional legacy in which we no longer recognize ourselves.

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