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the Formoris

"Hell, for a people,
is the deprival of history."
Morvan Lebesque

Whether the Formoris were Iberians or not, they had to face the Danean invasion, either because they lived in the areas the Proto-Celts wanted to conquer or because they were allied to the inhabitants of thse areas. The Book of Invasions tells that the battle was fierce but that the defeat was still at the end of the story. Then the Formoris are repelled "beyond this world." We don't know if these terms mean that ther was a genocide or an ethnocide but the Formoris were forgotten by the official History and ended up as caricatures and monsters, haunting the imaginary world of fantasy with trolls, cyclops and oall kinds of bogymen.

Why this? These are the same reasons which made Europeans consider for decades or even centuries that North American Indians were blood-thirsty savages and that Africans were likely man-eaters. The main "fault" of these peoples was to loose their credibility against powerful and well-armed opponents who later claimed that they had the right to judge their civilizations, most of the time in order to fuel a racist and colonialist propaganda. Only because members of these peoples survived long enough to see the mentality slowly evolve it became possible to alter the public perception. For the Formoris, it is too late. We will never know what kind of civilization they might have created if the Daneans had been countered, nor what would be the face of today's world if they had not disappeared.

Their memory must be honored. At least as a symbol for that of all the peoples whose neither the history, nor the culture, nor even the name, could survive to reach us.

The Formoris, monsters of legends and role-playing games, as seen by Simon Bisley.
(Picture from the comics "Slaine")

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