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The Formori

"It was in the early XVIIth century, a night of Lucerne or of London, that the splendid story began. A secret and voluntary society (which included among its affiliates Dalgarno and later George Berkeley) sprang up to invent a country. In the vague initial program appeared the hermetic studies, philantropy and the kabala. (...) After several years of secret meetings and premature synthesis, it was understood that one generation will not be enough to structure a country. It was decided that each of the masters which formed it would select a disciple to continue with the work. This hereditary disposition prevailed; after a hiatus of two centuries the continueing brotherhood reappeared in America. Circa 1824, in Memphis (Tennessee) one of the affiliates converses with Ezra Buckley. The ascetic millionaire lets him talk with some disdain - and he laughs at the modesty of the project. He tells him that in America it is absurd to invent a country and he proposes him the invention of a planet. To this gigantic idea, he adds another one, inspired by his nihilism: to pass over the huge entreprise in silence. (...) Buckley does not believe in God, but he wants to demonstrate to the non-existent God that the mortals are able to devise a world."
Jorge Luis Borges,
Tlön Uqbar Orbis Tertius

In our times of crawling ethnocides, when peoples are loosing their culture and their identity only to follow the latest fashions, we felt it was important to react in our own way. Cultures, like animal species and all living creatures, have to be protected. Not by imprisonning them into cocoons which are only good at suffocating them but by breathing life into them as the best guarantee for their longevity.

We must see even further. If today's societies are going to loose their cultures, it could be wise to create new seeds of cultures in order to preserve some variety. This will be the objective of the Formori Project: to devise a new culture, born from nowhere and dedicated, through the ancient Formoris, to all the lost or possible cultures, forgotten and anonymous, which were cut off from the official history of Mankind.

The Formori Project consists in the creation (or re-creation) of all the constitutive elements of a culture (language, literature, arts, customs, social structures, beliefs...). This culture will become the main federative element of a group of persons who will become the "core" of a new people: the New Formoris.

Rehabilitating the Formoris The Actemon Republic of Formoria

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