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The New Formoris
and the Right to Difference

"Ego sum qui sum."
Exodus 3,14.

All this can be considered as simply attempting the impossible, but there will be no challenge at all if we were not proposing to reach objectives that we don't know if they will ever be within grasp.

The Formori Project is at first an initiative to allow individuals to declare themselves as "different" from each others and to refuse the standardization advocated by a society where efficiency and return-on-investment have been raised as the new golden calves. Because we are told that difference is a grain of sand which endangers the lubrication of the social gears. But, actually, it puts names on anonymous faces and gives consciences (the plural is important) to the shapeless mass known as "the people" and this makes it less easy to steer by the various powers "in charge."

Standardization, which requires the eradication of differences (this is called "assimilation"), opens wide the door to intolerance. On the contrary, the abundance of differences, "integrated" into the "society" and lived and expressed freely (neither shooted nor imposed), should be a guarantee of tolerance.

The human being has no other treasure than his own personality. Knowing this, we thought it would be better if he could bring to the community an original one, able to provide something unique, and not a copy, an exact replica of the orthodoxy which would only mean that our evolution has come to an end..

This is why we introduce ouselves as "Otherlings" (those-who-are-"others") and what are the founding ideals of the Formori Project.

The Actemon Republic of Formoria

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