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The Actemon Republic
of Formoria

"Nothing is sillier than dealing seriously with frivolous matters; but nothing is wittier than to use frivolities to serve serious matters."
In Praise of Folly

According to traditional definitions used in Political Sciences, the constitutive elements of a State are: a government, a people and a territory. If the actual existnce of some peoples as original entities can be discussed (in the early 90s Luxembourg reportedly discussed the existence of an historical Slovenia but is there really a Luxembourgian national identity?), the importance of the territorial component is usually beyond all question. At this very moment, the territorial question is even the cause of several conflicts around the globe.

However, by imposing a territory as a pre-requisite for the birth of a State, this definition deprives several peoples of the possibility to set up a government-like structure for an international recognition. What could be the territory claimed by nomadic peoples like the Roms, the Manuches, the Kales, the Tuareg or the Mbororos? This is a similar problem for all the peoples who have lost their territories for centuries and can no longer claim them back, like American Indian nations, the Maoris or the Australian Aborigenals. These peoples exist and have no right to an international representation like the peoples who were able to keep their territories... or takeover the lands of another people.

As rurality and a certian relationship to land are disappearing, the territorial condition should no longer be considered of paramount importance. Then, it could be possible to create "actemon" States, which means that they neither own or claim any proper territory.

When the New Formoris will form an actual people, they will not be able to claim any land as their own. This should not prevent them from setting up a government-like structure and to proclaim an independent State: the Actemon Republic of Formoria. The second part of the Formori Project will be the creation of this State and its international recognition, based on the right of peoples to dispose freely of themselves and to live their differences in total political and administrative autonomy, in the respect of international laws.

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