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The Formori Institute was born on an October 1991 evening, in Gentilly, near Paris, from an impassioned discussion between three former students from Grenoble - a journalist and two engineers - who had in common an immoderate taste for the literature of fantasy, the games of the mind and the extravagant projects.

A few years earlier, they already had made the (local) news when they created Janus, an association of dilettante demiurges with God as an honorary member. In 1986, they also set a new (although non-ratified) endurance record for a role-playing-game with a 212-hour uninterrupted session.

Inspired by both Jorge-Luis Borges and the oldest Celtic myths, they decided to commit to an ultimate creation work, designed to live beyond them and whose completion will never be reachable. By creating, almost from scratch, the fundamental elements of an original culture, they would demonstrate their deep loathing for the colorless and tasteless uniformity of the modern world while fighting for the imprescriptible right of everyone to live according to his own identity. Moreover, they would help to repair the long-lasting injustice made to the Formori people, wiped out before History was written and turned into tale monsters by the progeny of those who had defeated them.

And, most of all, they would enjoy, more than ever, the unmatched pleasure of those who create.

The Formori Institute is the structure in charge of managing this creation work and providing its necessary coherence. It is headed by the founders of the Formori project and it steers, advises and ratifies the various initiatives or proposals from the members of the Formori community.

As a matter of principle, one has to be a Formori to be part of the Institute, but all the Formoris do not have to belong to the Institute.

The members of the Institute who are the most dedicated to the Project form the College of the Institute. It is the College which defines the outlines of the Project.

The Formori Institute was registered in September 1992 in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Paris, as a non-for-profit association according to the1901 French law. Its headquarters have been moved to Montpellier in August 2000.

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