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Essays, Papers and Monographs

No official publication as of today. Please refer to the "Works in progress" section.


Reference Documentations

We, the Otherlings
Information booklet about the Formoris and the Formori Project.
Published in 3501 (1994).

The content of this booklet is available in French on this site. An English translation is underway.

The Great Formori National Register

Directory of the Formori community.
Three editions published from 3499 to 3501 (1992-1994).

Replaced in 3503 by an Internet edition.

Bilingual Dictionary
French-Formori, Formori-French

Provisional edition of the Formori lexicon with indication of etymological sources and presentation of archaic Formori words. Also includes a lexicon of proper nouns. More than 2,000 entries in each language, 60 pages.
Working document, published in 3501 (1995).

Community Bulletins

Bulletin of the Formori Institute

Only one issue published, in early 3500 (1993).
Summary: an editorial, a first lesson of the Formori language (about pronounciation), an initial chronology of the myth,the introduction of political multipartism, two recipes of Formorian cooking (the Winter Bread and the "tourtillons of Ysca") and a short bibliography, 18  pages.

Under preparation for several months, the second issue was never published.

Ne Alystaun e'Yalsyer
News Bulletin of the Formori Institute
"The Alder Leaf" (1 to 2  pages). Four issues published from 3501 to 3504 (1994-1997).
Bulletin mainly dedicated to keeping the Formoris informed of communauty news and of the holidays of the Formori calendar.

Replaced in 3504 by an Internet edition.

Internet Sites

First Internet Site of the Formori Institute
Set up in 3503 (1996) on World-Net's server and moved in 3504 (1997) to Geocities. Dropped in 3505 (1998) due to the very small number of Formoris able to access the Internet at this time. Preserved for its historical value.

Replaced in 3507 (2000) by The Formori Portal.

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