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Compilations of Previous Works

Structure of the Formori Myth - Revised Edition
Restructuring of the myth based on new theoretical approaches and recent bibliographical additions.
(Responsability of HEH-Hcho)

Revised Grammar of the Formori Language
Simplification of the grammatical foundations initially proposed by the Institute in order to improve the practicability of the language. Study of an hyponormed language structure for a common use.
(Responsability of HEH-L)

Compilation of Etymological and Onomstical Sources
Creation of a corpus of etymological roots for the enrichment of the Formori lexicographic found. Creation of an affix dictionary.
(Responsability of HEH-Llo)

Essays, Papers and Monographs

The Formoris and Monotheism
Study and discussion regarding the possible survival of the Egyptian cult of Aton in the archaic Formori community. Search for correlations and presumptive sources.
(Responsability of HEH-Hcho)

Special Works
Redaction of the Formori Charter
Conception and redaction of an organic law for the Formori community.
(Responsability of HEP-Dg)

New Research Topics

Here is a list of topics on which the Institute intends to initiate resaerch activities in the near future. Any person interested in taking in charge one of these works can contact the Institute.

Dagon, a Formori belief in Philistine land?
Study and discussion regarding the origin of the Philistine cult of Dagon. Search for correlative data regarding its possible iberic origin.
(Responsability of HEH-Hcho)

From the Formori beret to the Basque beret
Research in documents regarding the origin of the beret in the Pyrenees.
(Responsability of CF-Cv)

The espadrille, a Formori relic?
Study on the possibility to incorporate the rope-soled sandal into the traditional Formori costume.
(Responsability of CF-Cv)

The Rosace Games, rules and traditions
Development of precise rules for the Rosace Games and reflection on the social role of such sports.
(Responsability of CF-Ss)

Matrilinearity and Formori matriarchal structures
Proposals for Formori social structures inspired by the traditional status of Pyrenean women.
(Responsability of HEP-Pss)

Other topics can be proposed by contacting directly the Institute.

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